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Southern Refinishing Services

Southern Refinishing works with homes in New Orleans and surrounding areas to restore and refinish several bathroom fixtures.


Antique Clawfoot Tub Restoration

We specialize in antique clawfoot tub restoration. Rather than getting rid of the tub, Southern Refinishing will make it not only usable, but beautiful again. While most common color is white, almond and bone colors are also popular choices. Many of these tubs have exposed cast iron on the outside, so the first step is to remove all corrosion, rust, and old paint. Next, the surface will be filled and sanded until its smooth and finally, the surface is sealed and refinished

Cast iron bath tubs are often part of bathroom designs in older homes and have more space for those who truly enjoy a good bubble bath. With age comes wear, and many contractors often “fix” this wear with a coat of paint. Southern Refinishing provides real restoration through our refinishing and repair services. Instead of taking out an old tub that is slightly flawed, we can breathe new life into it so you can use it again. We can recreate the same finish color and texture, or update the surface with any color or design you prefer

Tub Repairs

Tub Repairs

Southern Refinishing’s services include the repair of cast iron, fiberglass, acrylic and cultured marble tubs. We fix cracks, fill in chips, smooth out scratches, and remove any mildew or excess moisture that has gotten into the surface. We also offer in-lay services. Inlays are acrylic bottoms used to repair cracks in the bottom of a fiberglass or acrylic tub. In-lays are custom made for each tub, it helps seal and fill the current crack and reinforce the bottom to prevent further cracking, extending the life of your bathtub and saving you money over installing a new tub.


Walls & Counter Tops

Southern Refinishing also provides new surfaces for your bathroom walls, tile floors and counter tops. We also refinish kitchen countertops so you can cook and dine in style. Our team specializes in refreshing faded, cracked, and worn tile and counter tops. We work with formica, culture marble, acrylic, fiberglass and tile. We can upgrade your current materials, create new colors and designs, or closely match the materials and colors you currently have.

Sink Before and After


Our experienced refinishers also provide bathroom and kitchen sink refinishing, taking yellowed, dull, cracked sinks and restoring the surface with a smooth, flawless finish. *NO warranty is offered on kitchen sinks due to the nature of their use.

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